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Strawberry. The industrial season is from March to June. Our raw material is the best fresh strawberry with stem, collected sound and mature. In less than 24 hours the fruit is processed, inspected and packed. This process, in such a short time, provides our frozen strawberry with similar flavour and characteristics to those from fresh…

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Talk to us if you are interested in our products. Frigodar S.A.R.L. Route Moulay Bousselham – Souk el Arbaa. Kenitra (MOROCCO) Tl. +212 537 904 114 Fax. +212 537 904 115 Frigodar Instalaciones Agrícolas S.L. Edificio Galia Puerto. Carretera de la esclusa 11. 41011, Seville (SPAIN) +34 954 996 119

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