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Freezing has been used for ages to preserve food. Thanks to this technology, we can prevent fruit decomposition or fermentation.

Despite its advantages, traditional freezing has its limitations. The process is usually too slow, causing the formation of ice crystals which damage cell structure. So, once fruit is thawed, its original texture is lost.

IQF stands for Individual Quick Freezing. This modern technology makes the freezing process very fast, decreasing the size of ice crystals formed inside fruit tissue thus reducing cell structure damage. This freezing process is possible thanks to a flow of air at a very low temperature that makes every piece of fruit float in the air getting individually frozen rapidly.

IQF also improves freshness, taste and nutritional characteristics of fruits in comparison with a slow freezing process.

This quick freezing technology let us enjoy the taste of seasonal fruits during the whole year.


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Available from April to June, we freeze higher quality cultivated blueberry according to our customer’s needs. Full tracking and tracing are guaranteed.



The season starts in August. The raw material used is the Black and Green Fig variety. Final product is IQF Fig in the following formats: Halves and quartersWhole fig.

Absolutely Stunning

We simply love the fruits and vegetables at Frigodar. A very friendly and where you can find good quality fruits and vegetables.

Great fruits, vegetables and fun idea

Well, this place is definitely one of a kind. The combination of great fruits and vegetables rendezvous is not seen anywhere else and we like it.

We had our doubts

But after 5 minutes we were absolutely convinced. This place has invented a really beautiful idea and the people behind Frigodar are awesome.


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