Strawberry Strawberry.The industrial season is from March to June. Our raw material is the best fresh strawberry with stem, collected sound and mature. In less than 24 hours the fruit is processed, inspected and packed. This process, in such a short time, provides our frozen strawberry with similar flavour and characteristics to those from fresh strawberry. Products processed are: Dices (6x6 mm, 8x8 mm, 10x10 mm, 12x12 mm and 15x15 mm); Slices (6 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm); Pieces (halves and quarter); Whole (calibrated or un- calibrated)




Blueberry.Available from April to June, we freeze higher quality cultivated blueberry according to our customer's needs. Full tracking and tracing are guaranteed.





Fig. The season starts in August. The raw material used is the Black and Green Fig variety. Final product is IQF Fig in the following formats: Halves and quartersWhole fig.